We are absolutely delighted to have obtained retrospective planning permission to use an outbuilding in the rear garden of a house as a small dog grooming business.  This is an example of the local Council carefully balancing the need for flexible home working whilst protecting residential amenity.

Early dialogue with the Planning Officer has resulted in a positive outcome despite vociferous objections from neighbouring properties. Planning conditions were imposed regarding the hours of use and limiting the number of dogs being groomed at any one time as well as ensuring that all windows and doors of the outbuilding are closed whilst dog grooming takes place. This is an example where the imposition of planning conditions overcome planning concerns with regarding the impact of the business on neighbours.

The Planning Officer considered the scale, siting and how the business operates would not lead to any significant adverse impact on the character of the area neither would it detract from the amenity of the occupiers of neighbouring properties to a significant degree.

Positive outcome for Dog Grooming Business in outbuilding to the rear of a dwellinghouse image