What service can I expect to get?

We are Chartered Town Planners and follow the Royal Town Planning Institute Code of Professional Conduct.  

We act with competence, honesty and integrity and provide you with independent planning advice.

Before being commissioned to undertake the work we will meet with you to discuss the following:-

• scope of the advice which the client really needs.
• the client’s objectives in commissioning the work.

• timetable to which the client wants you to work.

• professional resources that you will need to put into the work.

• outputs and deliverables required by the client.

• background information and technical data that are available from the client.
• financial or budgetary constraints on the extent of the work.

• any specific requirements the client may have about the way the work is to be managed.

A short letter is always provided explaining what is included within the commission, when and how the work will be performed, and what the estimated costs are likely to be.

How much does it cost?

Each commission is different depending on its complexity and the amount of time taken.    

We provide a fee range that the commission will usually fall within and if it starts to exceed this limit then we talk it through with you and agree additional fees beforehand.  This is usually because of additional work, attendance at Planning Committee, additional meetings outside the initial scope of works or a planning appeal.

Fees are paid at the start of the commission, with a final fee once a decision is made.  

Please get in touch and we will give you a general idea of our fees.